Access to high-speed broadband is essential to access today's education and workplace services, facilitate public safety, and engage in online economic opportunities. Northwest Open Access Network (NoaNet) is working with communities across Washington State to ensure that residents and businesses have the infrastructure and services they need. Thank you for visiting the survey portal!

This system facilitates data gathering and conversation to better understand community broadband needs. The survey you and others take will help your community secure grant dollars to build high-speed internet infrastructure in your community. So keep on encouraging your neighbors to take our survey. The process follows four simple steps:

Step 1: Gather Interest: Click on your area and take the survey to provide your feedback. Don’t forget to tell your neighbors to do the same! The more data collected, the better your community leaders will understand the needs of the community.

Step 2: Sign up: If the need and demand for services meet feasibility requirements and business case thresholds, they may open the service zone area up for service signups.

Step 3: Construction: If your community moves to this step, your area has been funded and build-out in your area is beginning.

Step 4: Connected: Congratulations- construction has been completed, and you and your neighbors are now surfing the web at lightning speed!